Looking into buying or leasing a new car, truck, or SUV in the new year? If so, you'll want to look into what's to come with the 2023 Chevy portfolio. Luckily, as the greater Nogales area's premier new Chevy dealers, we have all the latest information on what's to come with the next model year. Feel free to make the short drive from our showroom near Tucson if you're interested in learning more about our 2023 Chevy portfolio.

Now, when speaking of new Chevy models, it's best to start with the 2023 Chevy trucks. For example, the new 2023 Chevy Colorado is becoming more rugged than ever with its first ever Trail Boss trim and an upgraded ZR2 trim.

On the other hand, if you look into our new Chevy car lineup, you'll see some marked updates for our Chevy sports cars. For example, the new Chevy Camaro is getting some eye-catching new exterior updates, while the new Chevy Corvette is debuting a new 5.5-liter DOHC V8 engine that's sure to provide some dynamic driving fun.

But by far the most exciting updates for the 2023 model year are coming to the 2023 Chevy SUV lineup. From updated exterior styling for the 2023 Chevy Blazer and Chevy Trailblazer to Super Cruise technology being integrated into the 2023 Chevy Suburban, our new Chevrolet portfolio is brimming with compelling reasons to pay our dealership near Green Valley, AZ a visit.

Want to test drive some of our 2023 Chevy models? Take the short drive over from Tucson to do so today.

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