Roadside emergency kits will help you in the event you are in an accident or your vehicle breaks down for some reason. When you get stuck on the side of the road, good preparation will make a difference. If you drive in icy conditions, road salt or sand may be all you need to get driving again.

Prepare for cold temperatures by having a warm blanket or two in the vehicle. Invest in a good flashlight and batteries, as well as a first-aid kit if someone gets injured. Stock your first aid kit with bandages, medication, and basic supplies.

Put a gallon of water in the back of your vehicle, and possibly a few snacks if you travel often. Roadside flares will help you signal that you need help. At Cropper's Chevrolet Buick GMC in Nogales, AZ, we want you to be ready for any roadside emergency that comes your way. Take care of your vehicle, and be prepared with a roadside emergency kit.

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